Comprehensive heart health analytics serving greater longevity

Cloud ECG & HRV analytics platform, that enables affordable real-time remote heart health monitoring to provide plain personalized reports, detection and up to 2 months data-based prognosis on dangerous heart events

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Remote Real-Time Heart Health Monitoring

Cardiolyse technology allows to accurately determine the position of any vital heart parameter on a scale of personal baseline - pathology to prevent the dangerous heart events for elevated risk groups people.

Diabetes Cardiovascular Comorbidities Prevention

Cardiolyse provides a digital integrated solution to prevent cardiovascular complications in diabetes through affordable comprehensive heart health specific parameters monitoring, timely disease CVD complications detection and cure

Fatigue Risk Management for Liability Insurance

Comprehensive fatigue and drowsiness detection and alert system for seamless real-time fatigue risks monitoring in public transport sector to prevent further accidents

How long do you plan to be healthy?

Our project is designed to increase the duration of your heart health. We help you to postpone the beginning of heart disorders, so you can be active, healthy and happy longer.

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We deliver a holistic approach to prevent heart disorders for elevated risk groups, using innovative and clinically proven machine-learning algorithms


Affordable real-time remote heart health monitoring, fully integrated through API with any type of digital ECG device of any leads number.


Сomprehensive analysis of all known vital ECG & PPG biomarkers of diagnostic value with clinically validated machine learning algorithms, originated from 25+ years of scientific researches and multiple cardiology and biocybernetics PHDs practices.


Innovative solution with patented algorithms on Universal ECG Score and patient Personal Baseline estimation, able to predict dangerous heart events up to 2 months before they occur.


Plain user-friendly reports on vital heart health parameters for clinitans and disease preventing lifestyle recommendations for patients to increase access to preventive care and keeping people out of the hospitals.


ECGs analysed
HRV analysed
Saved lifes

Transform your device into lifestyle assistant with Cardiolyse analytics

Lifestyle assistant

Cardiolyse Heart and Emotional Wellbeing score and personalised recommendations are tailored to both individual state and your lifestyle context. Transform our devices into the lifestyle assistant!

Personal Baseline

Each person is unique. Cardiolyse algorithms detect personal ECG and HRV baseline, so everyone can see their health state and improve it.

Compatible devices

Cardiolyse is device agnostic. We can analyse information from ECG and PPG sensors. If you only plan to integrate these sensors into your device, we can help you with advice on the best sensors on the market.


Cardiolyse provides early detection of overtraining and helps to avoid it with our daily training load recommendations.

Effective trainings

Training effectiveness depends on training load, consistency of training, recovery. We give more — the information about individual reactions of each person: recovery since the previous day, stress levels and even emotional state!


Healthcare costs are rising year after year. We provide profound and easy to use analytics with Preventive, Diagnostic and Prognostic levels of analysis.

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