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Big Data ECG
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Cardiolyse Big Data:

  • Get in-depth snapshot of cardiovascular state of people of certain region;
  • Automatically detect risks of serious cardiovascular events and sudden cardiac death;
  • Learn how current lifestyle is interconnected with the heart state;
  • Improve public health though Big Data insights.

Universal ECG Score System

Universal ECG Score System is a four level hierarchical build integral ECG score system designed to analyse more than 200 ECG parameters and to visualize present result in colour logic with a quantitative assessment.

The system can provide qualified interpretation of ECG signals remaining non–informative for routine methods of ECG interpretation.

6-months forecast

Cardiolyse delivers a Middle-term (up to 6 months) forecast and early detection of serious cardiovascular events so that everybody can act to lower or eliminate the risk and save people’s life.

We use advanced statistical treatment of ECG signals including fuzzy measure theory and fuzzy integral calculus that allows making the precise conclusion.

Medical Accuracy

Accuracy, reliability and detailed results derived from more than 200 biomarkers extracted from a standard ECG curve, compliant with the standard medical practice.

Cardiolyse delivers all the standard types of ECG codes:

Minnesota Code
Cardiac Infarction Injury Score…


Cardiolyse is an e-healthcare company focused on analytics of human heart electro signals, providing cardiocare at any time, anywhere at very low cost.

We are interested in new investment opportunities for further improvement of our products.

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